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"I have been using these pickles for years, anything you put pickles in, these make it POP! When the market closed were I use to buy them, I thought I would never find them again, but I found out about your website! I plan to order them by the case."

Sara  W.           5 stars
"Everything here is AWESOME! These pickles ROCK! :)"

"Best Tasting Datil Peppers You Will Ever Eat! Datil Dew, spicy bread and butter pickles...
from St Augustine! "

"None of the peppered pickles I found in the stores can stand up to these. Only the real thing will Datil Dew........."  :)    Mary M.



We LOVE all the products we purchased from you!! Thank you for the extra special care taken in packaging our order…the Christmas Pickle AND the very cute “mailbox” that our pickles came in. Outstanding!!

Kandi B.



They are ALL Great but INFERNO ='s Happy Taste Buds

Gary H.


The Best!

Not only is this the tastiest mustard ever, the customer service was also the best. I highly recommend this mustard for its great flavor while not being overpowering.

Jo Anne D.


Very prompt friendly service love

Very prompt friendly service love the mustard and customer service ty

Richard P.


Outback Red

Very tasty and versatile. My husband and I are very pleased with your products!

Kandi B.


Certain something something...

This adds a lot of pep. Really good

Sandra E.

Datil Dew
By:  J. Scott Wilson, Food Editor
"One thing I test a LOT is hot sauces. This is partly because I love them dearly, and partly because they are one of the most widely sold items on the Internet. There are more hot sauce-selling sites than I can count, each with its own "ultimate" sauce.
I had already heard of the Datil Dew sauces before I heard from the makers, and when the samples arrived I was ready with my plate full of saltine crackers to taste them. Then a bizarre thing happened. The sauces were so good that I began to ransack my fridge and pantry in search of other things to use them on. Each sauce has its own character, and there's not a bad one in the bunch. I think my favorite combination was the Burgundy Mustard sauce (#8 heat) with a colossal smoked oyster on a Club cracker. My taste buds died and went to heaven.
I took some lifeless leftover shredded pork barbecue and hit it with a generous dollop of the Meat Mate sauce. The result has me now scanning the paper for the next time pork loins come on sale. Even the Inferno sauce, which occupies the place on the Datil menu that most hot-sauce makers reserve for their rankest, most mouth-abusing selections, is a sublime chorus of flavors. Sure, it's hot. That's beside the point. It's also flat-out delicious. All of them are. Their prices are very reasonable, also. I've seen plenty of hot sauce makers who think their stuff is more precious than plutonium, and charge accordingly. The Datil Dew sauces are better than most of them, and cost a quarter as much.
Want some?"

“I make my own tomato-based barbecue sauce but I was looking to get a little different flavor,” said Dunn, a cement contractor who travels to dozens of barbecue contests every year. “He gave me some of the Raz L’ Datil, the one with raspberries, and it really made a heck of a lot difference.”  Buster Dunn, leader of the award-winning Boggy Pond BBQ Brigade in Moultrie, Ga.  

"We love Datil pepper based sauces here at HotSauceDaily.com. Whether it’s a BBQ sauce, a dry rub, or in this case a sauce that defies description… if it showcases the Datil pepper from St. Augustine Florida, we are all in."  HotSauceDaily.com

"Datil Dew Pepper Products from St Augustine, FL    The best of the best! Delicious ... "

Ronda K.         ★★★★★           Outback Red       Yummy